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Welcome to Rent a Tracker. We rent tracking devices for short or long term use. We can rent you different kinds of tracker, depending on your requirements.  If you let us know where you are going, or what you need to track, and how long you are going for, we can recommend either a SPOT, inReach, or an LTE tracker. Each has different capabilities; from basic tracking, through to messaging, navigation and weather reports.


What Can We Help You Track?




You can use a tracker to track people ; walking, running, hiking. mountaineering, skiing

Cycling Up the Hill

Track someone on a bike, in a boat, or in a car

Marathon Runners

Organising an event? Need to track up to 1000 people? No problem!

Which tracker should you choose?

Expert advice to help you decide

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Our most popular model. This model is the lowest cost to hire. It transmits using 4G or 2G to any available network. Perfect for use all over the UK, from urban areas to the national parks.

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Rent a SPOT Tracker

The SPOT tracker is one of our most popular products. This tracker sends it's location direct to satellite. It needs line of sight to sky for best performance. This tracker works well in very remote, open areas.

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Rent inReach Tracker

These offer 100% global coverage, transmitting to the most powerful satellite constellation (Iridium). Featuring two-way SMS, and navigation capabilities. Perfect for the most remote places on the planet!